Susan Elizabeth Phillips – muddying the plot?

My husband’s 100 pages through his Susan Elizabeth Phillips challenge (the challenge: to read one entire romance novel. Yes, that’s it).

He’s just discovered subplots, and he’s hating life.

“What do you mean, there’s a secondary romance? I just want to make it through the first romance, and now I have to read about another couple I care even less about?”

Yes, dear.

I can understand his frustration. I almost never like secondary romances. I think SEP’s secondary romances are good, as far as they go, but I’d rather read a shorter, tighter book where all the action is about the main characters than to follow others.

Rachel Gibson and Susan Donovan seem to get this. Their books rarely jump to a third character’s point of view. When they do, those characters are usually as focused on the hero and heroine’s story as I am, not on their own story.

So Hubby said to me, “Now I have to read about April falling in love, too?”

“Afraid so.”

He nodded. “It’s the electrician, isn’t it?”

“Yup.” Then I realized it’s not the electrician. I’d been thinking that Jack poses as a working man, but Hubby’s not at that point in the story yet, so there must be an actual electrician who I forgot about.

Oh, well. It looks like I’m taking on romance heroine qualities and we’re back to that whole deception thing.

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