0 thoughts on “Take a survey about ebooks, maybe win $250

  1. I love my Sony Daily Reader PRS-900BC. I can download library books, google books, my books, word documents, newsletters, pdfs, music, pictures and even pay for books if I wish. It is a quick on and off. I can write annotations, highlight, make notes … really it is amazing! I think you’d be surprised.

    i downloaded all the RWA PRO newsletters and guides so I can read them in the car line while waiting to pu my child from school.

    1. Hi Robin. That is really surprising. I’m impressed it can do all that. Still doesn’t help me out with being a butterfingers in the bathtub, though. And all the ebooks I’ve looked at are more expensive than the print (paperback) version. But then, I’m a bit of a traditionalist.

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