Winner of the Delilah Marvelle giveaway!

Thanks so much to the awesome Delilah Marvelle for letting me interview her and for giving away a copy of Forever a Lord.

The lucky winner is…Janie McGaugh!

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Here’s what Janie won.

Forever a Lord

He’s a fighter, not a lover. But that’s about to change…

Forever a LordLady Imogene Norwood lived a sheltered life of quiet respectability and routine…until she debuts at her first Season. There she meets the wild and broken Lord Atwood among London’s elite. And the very shy English rose suddenly realizes that a little chaos might just be what her heart desires.

Lord Nathaniel James Atwood doesn’t believe true love exists. Since scandal tore him away from his family at an early age, he has spent his life fighting for what he wants. That attitude made him a rising star in bare-knuckle boxing, and now leads him back to London to reclaim the life that was stolen from him. But upon meeting the innocent Imogene, his beliefs are trounced…as guarding his heart against her proves to be the fight of his life.

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Interview with Delilah Marvelle – & giveaway!

Delilah MarvelleDelilah Marvelle is a much-loved historical romance author whose latest novel, Forever a Lord, is one piece in a big puzzle that she’s been laying out for readers over her Rumor series. Delilah is here today to give away Forever a Lord to one lucky reader.

Welcome, Delilah!

Thank you so much for having me!

1. Tell us more about the puzzle of your Rumor series. Should readers start with the first book, Forever and a Day? Or can they read them out of order and still put the pieces together?

When writing a series, I like to give readers more than just the series. I want it to be an experience. Although I write each book as stand alones, they all happen at the same time, and so by reading them in order, starting from Forever Mine (the prequel) all the way through Forever a Lord, it will give you what I call a puzzle piece experience.

Forever MineEach book you read, you will learn something about the previous character you didn’t know and see a much larger part of the story until you finally get the last pieces of the puzzle and see the entire story I wanted to share. It’s like seeing a fourth of a painting until you get to see the whole painting unveiled. It’s something I love to do. It lends to a flavor and experience that immerses one in the world and makes it feel more personal and interactive.

2. What a wonderful way to write a series! Forever a Lord features a hero who’s a bare-knuckle boxer. What’s the most interesting piece of information you learned about historical boxing when you were doing research?

What fascinated me the most was how the men of the 1830s had to train their hands to take hits without breaking them. I’d have to say the most interesting piece of information I learned was how men strategically built calluses on their knuckles by training on trees. Yes. Trees.

Trees were everywhere and they cost a man nothing. Think of a tree being used like a punching bag. Men would actually knock the bark off with their knuckles in order to pad their hands well with scars and calluses alike. Other men used axes to strengthen their swing and their muscles. Either way you look at it, these men were badass. And yes, they defined the hero I saw in my head, lol.

3. You have some awesome book trailers and even a video newsletter. (I’ve embedded the trailer for Forever a Lord below so you all can see how amazing it is.) They’re the highest quality book trailers I’ve ever seen. Do you have friends in Hollywood?

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