Winners of the Heather Thurmeier and Contemporaries to Covet giveaways!

First of all, I’m so sorry I didn’t post the winners of the Contemporaries to Covet in October giveaway last week. We went to England for my grandfather-in-law’s funeral last week (miss you, Granddad) and I was a bit frazzled with all I had to do before going away.

Without further delay, the winner of a $10 gift certificate to the online book retailer of their choice is…Rosemary K!

Congrats, Rosemary! Email me at romancingkatrina[at]gmail[dot]com and let me know where you’d like me to buy your g.c.

Rosemary’s comment said:

Jennifer Probst’s The Marriage Trap caught my interest. The story sounds great. Jennifer is a new to me author. I’m looking forward to reading her new book.

…which means that Rosemary has won a $10 gift certificate for Jennifer Probst, too! I’ll email Jennifer directly.

Falling For YouLast week, I had the lovely Heather Thurmeier here talking about reality TV and romance. She’s giving away a digital copy of her latest contemporary romance, Falling for You.

The lucky winner is…Sue P!

Sue, email me at romancingkatrina[at]gmail[dot]com and let me know which digital format you’d like your book in (Kindle, Nook, etc).

Everyone, this week you can win the debut paranormal romance of one of my favorite authors, Moriah Densley.

Hope you all have a great week!

Guest post & giveaway by Heather Thurmeier: From reality TV to romance novel

Heather ThurmeierThis week I’m happy to host contemporary romance author Heather Thurmeier, who’s here to talk about how a popular reality TV series sparked an idea for her latest romance trilogy. She’s also giving away a digital copy of her book, Falling for You (see below for details).

Take it away, Heather!

Thank you so much for having me here today, Kat! I’m thrilled to share with you how I came up with the idea for Falling for You.

The inspiration for the book was pretty simple really. I was watching an episode of the Bachelor or Bachelorette (I can’t remember which or what season it was) and I couldn’t help but wonder how the people on the show ended up there. What drove them to attempt to find love in such an unconventional way? Was it the thrill of the spotlight, the chance to date a fabulous person they probably wouldn’t have met in real life, because their love life stunk really bad, or something else?

Once I started asking myself the questions, I just couldn’t stop asking more. But of course, I had no way to answer any of them. It wasn’t like I could call up the producers of the show and just drill them with twenty questions.

How I wish I could! Could you imagine how awesome it would be to get to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to know about your favorite reality TV shows? That would be awesome…

Later on, after I asked myself all these questions with no answers, a story idea hit me. What if a girl went onto a show because she hoped to find love but the bachelor turned out to be her ex-boyfriend?


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