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Married to the Military: Guest post by Catherine Mann – & giveaway!

Catherine Mann is perhaps best known for her gripping romantic suspense novels featuring military heroes. She’s married to her own real-life Air Force hero, and here she gives us an intimate peek into how life as a military wife has as many joys as challenges. She’s also giving away two copies of her latest release, Under Fire – see below for details!

I’ve often been asked, “How do you handle life as a military wife?” I usually stumble over an answer. Because how do I explain that’s just who I am? That’s how we lived our lives for my husband’s twenty-two years as an Air Force aviator.

Cathy and her husband visiting his alma mater, The Citadel
Cathy and her husband visiting his alma mater, The Citadel

So when Kat asked me to write this blog, I found myself stumbling over my answer again. Finally, I discovered my answer in old family photos and a poem my grandmother shared with me. I’ve included the poem at the end, but first I want to tell you a bit about my maternal grandma.

Cathy and her husband on their wedding day, with Cathy’s grandparents
Cathy and her husband on their wedding day, with Cathy’s grandparents

Grandma was a military wife as well. I grew up hearing her stories about my granddad’s career as a pilot in the Army Air Corps and then the USAF. While drinking tea in her kitchen, I listened to her explain about the tough times as well as the joyous adventures.

Through those stories, I learned to see the big picture, the balance that comes over the years. I now know those stories have carried me through the difficult times and made the happy ones all the sweeter.

That’s a life lesson I will carry with me forever. Thank you, Grandma, for teaching me how to love a military man!

Cathy's family
Cathy's family

“Family Tree”
Author Unknown

How often my mother has said to me,
“Where are you planting your family tree?
Uprooting the children and moving each tour,
How can they possibly feel secure?”
But how can I explain about children’s hearts?
When love is present, fear departs.
For we love a man who flies o’er the earth,
Who visits Manila, Hong Kong and Perth.
Someday I hope to make Mother see.
We live by a star, not by a tree!


USA Today best-selling author Catherine Mann writes military romantic suspense for Sourcebooks and Berkley, as well as steamy romances for Harlequin Desire. Catherine resides in Florida with her flyboy husband, their four children, and an ever growing menagerie of pets.

For more information:

Under Fire


Who was your mentor growing up? Or do you have a mentor now? Two commenters will be chosen at random to receive a copy of UNDER FIRE by Catherine Mann. I’ll announce winners on Tuesday May 29th.

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But his commanding officer has other plans, and he convinces Chuck that he’s the only man who can pull this one off. He needs Chuck to go undercover on a cruise ship owned by mobster. They have credible reports that the ship is being used as a cover for a terrorist cell, so Chuck poses as blackjack dealer named Charles Tomas.

The operation seems fine until the mobster’s daughter, Jolynn Taylor, joins the ship. Suddenly Chuck finds himself intensely attracted to the woman whose father he’s working to bring down, the woman who may have the information he needs to complete the most important investigation of his life.

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Review: The Night is Mine by M.L. Buchman

This military suspense romance pulled me in before shoving me away.

The Night is MineCaptain Emily Beale is the best helicopter pilot Major Mark Henderson has ever seen. He’s her commanding officer in Afghanistan, where they both fly for SOAR, the elite group of helicopter pilots who get special forces into—and out of—the most dangerous missions.

Mark has to be careful to hide how much he loves flying with Emily, not just because it could cost one or both of them their careers in the Army but because she deserves better than to have to deal with advances from colleagues.

But when Emily is whisked away with no explanation, and Mark discovers she’s now the personal chef to the First Lady, he can’t stop himself from going after her. There’s no way his best pilot could waste her skills that way, and no way he can let her go.

Emily’s new assignment as the First Lady’s chef is a personal request from the President himself—or, as he’s always been to Emily, the boy next door. But Emily quickly realizes there’s more to her assignment than she can let anyone know—someone is repeatedly attacking the First Lady, and Emily may be the only person who can save her life.

I loved the setup of this story. Emily is ultra-tough and has earned the respect of her fellow pilots (mostly through threats and beating them up). I really loved how careful Mark was not to show his attraction to her. He comes across as an honorable man from start to finish, and I couldn’t get enough of reading his character.

My problem came when the story shifted to D.C. Okay, Emily’s an incredible pilot. She’s had to become the best to compete as a woman in a man’s field. Okay, she’s such a skilled cook that she can convincingly pull off a gig as the First Lady’s personal chef. Hey, Emily’s the daughter of the Director of the FBI, so I can sort of believe she’s had all the schooling and privileges necessary to cook to that level. But Emily’s “best in the world” skills kept mounting until I felt like they were more a plot convenience to impress me as a reader or to get herself and Mark out of trouble.

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