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Unwrapping Her Perfect Match

Unwrapping Her Perfect Match

London Legends rugby: Book 3.5

11 November 2014

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Tempting the Player

Tempting the Player

London Legends rugby: Book 3

10 November 2014

Winners! Winners! Winners!

Two of my giveaways ended this week, so I’ve got LOADS of winners to announce. But first, before we do that, these three giveaways are still open:

1. Win a $25 gift card and a British Christmas gift pack.

Enter using the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of the Unwrapping Her Perfect Match page.

2. Win one of my London Legends books.

Three of my London Legends heroes — Spencer, Liam and Matt — did a really fun interview at The Book Queen’s Book Palace. Two winners will win one of my rugby books. Easy entry (and the boys were in top form. I love this interview. Must read for all Legends fans!).

3. Win a TON of gift cards.

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you can enter this giveaway. Click on the photo to go to the Night Owl Book Reviews site and find out more!

Night Owl Reviews Event

And now for the winners!

A huge thanks to everyone who has helped me spread the word about Tempting the Player! I’ve loved seeing all the tweets and blog posts about it. Thank you all for your lovely words about Matt and Libby.

Winner of a $50 gift card & a London Legends tote bag: Raeline Peterson

Four winners of a London Legends tote bag: Andrea Beata Kadar, Jeanette Jackson, Irma Jurejevcic, Star Moon

Congrats! I’ll email each of you tomorrow (it’s nearly my bedtime here in the Netherlands right now).

And here are the people who won books in the mega sports romance giveaway. We’ll email you shortly. Thank you so much to all the authors who took part!

Win Sport Romance

Grand prize from Kat Latham: Shannon and Brad Smith
Erin McCarthy: Marilyn Michalski
Marie Force: Melinda London
Molly O’Keefe: Cheryl Hastings, Amy Medeiros, Lorie Sullins Payne
Cassandra Carr: Janina Kessler
Sarah Castille: Anna Hart
VK Sykes: Sandy Weiss Haber
Kristen Callihan: Donna Rickey
Catherine Gayle: Cathy Phillips, Justine

Get three sexy Christmas novellas for $1.99!

From now until November 30, my Christmas anthology from last year is on sale at Amazon and Google Play for only $1.99. Bargain! It includes my RITA-nominated novella, Mine Under the Mistletoe, as well as fantastic stories from Christi Barth and Brighton Walsh. Go get it while the deal lasts!

All I'm Asking For 1.99 sale

It’s release day for Unwrapping Her Perfect Match! + a giveaway!

Unwrapping Her Perfect Match

Sexy rugby players are like buses. You wait forever for one to come along, and then two show up at once. Today “Little” John Sheldon is ready to make your Christmas special. John’s a big man with a big heart. He’s not suave or sophisticated. In fact, he quite often makes a hash of things, […]

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Release day celebration for Tempting the Player! Win a $50 gift certificate!

Tempting The Player by Kat Latham

Woot woot! Tempting the Player arrives on ereaders today! Matt and Libby’s story was such a pleasure to write, and I hope that shines through in the story. It features some of my favorite themes — a best-friends-to-lovers romance with a strong heroine who has an interesting job and a hero who utterly needs her. I’ve […]

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Announcing so many giveaways I don’t even know where to begin

Win Sport Romance

Tempting the Player comes out in one week, and Unwrapping Her Perfect Match comes out the day after that, so I’m doing giveaways galore! Please share this page with your friends so they find out about the giveaways too. The more the merrier! 1. Win Knowing the Score or Playing It Close at The Reading […]

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Why Sunday was the worst night in British TV history EVER

Thom Evans Charleston

You guys, Thom Evans is off Strictly. I know you can’t see my face, but it’s impossible for me to even type those words without getting teary-eyed. I’m not joking, either. I absolutely LOVED watching him dance. He was so natural, fun and joyful, and he and Iveta were brilliant together. But this weekend, in […]

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How to read my London Legends Christmas novella for FREE!

Unwrapping Her Perfect Match

Hands up…how many of you have heard of Wattpad? It’s an amazing website that connects readers with free stories. Millions of people visit the site, and you can find loads of great stories — including Unwrapping Her Perfect Match. I’ll be publishing one chapter every Monday and Friday between now and Christmas. Of course, if you want to read […]

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Cover reveal & excerpt from Unwrapping Her Perfect Match!

Unwrapping Her Perfect Match

Thank you all so much for giving me your feedback on the various cover possibilities for Unwrapping Her Perfect Match, my upcoming London Legends Christmas novella! Two of them were tied for first place. They had more votes than all of the others put together. They both had the same background. The only difference was the font used […]

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