Winner of my Bradford Lit book giveaway!

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by to help me celebrate signing with Laura Bradford! I really, really appreciate all of your support and lovely comments.

The winner of her choice of books represented by the Bradford Literary Agency is…Caryn Caldwell!

Congrats, Caryn! Browse the books listed on the Agency Bookshelf and the Our Authors page and let me know which one you’d like, and in what format (print, Kindle, Nook – depending on availability, obviously). As long as the book is available for under $15, it’s yours!

Here are just a few of your choices:

Bradford Lit books

Everyone, this week you can win a $10 gift certificate for you AND for a contemporary romance author who has a book coming out in November. Check out my post on Contemporaries to Covet for details.

I have an agent!

I’ve wanted to write a blog post with that headline for a loooong time.

Even better, my new agent (*squee!*) is someone who was on my A-list, someone I consider myself very lucky to have as a representative.

Ready for it? My new agent is…Laura Bradford of the Bradford Agency.


Laura Bradford

Aside from the pure joy I felt at hearing Laura talk about why she wanted to represent my work, there’s an unexpected bonus here: no more filling in spreadsheets of whom I’ve queried and submitted my manuscripts to, no more using QueryTracker¬†and obsessing about response times and when to follow up.


And here’s how it happened…
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