Prune your prose

Speaking of being overly wordy, here’s an online workshop that my RWA chapter is running soon. It’s as if they’ve been reading my blog and came up with the class just for me. Thanks, guys. ***** Permission to Forward Granted ***** RWA┬« Online Chapter presents: PRUNE YOUR PROSE! Ten Tips to Tighten Your Fiction Writing… Continue reading Prune your prose

Roni & Julie’s totally epic summer contest

One of my crit partners, Roni Griffin (an incredibly talented contemporary and erotic romance writer, who just happened to nab first place in Passionate Ink’s Stroke of Midnight contest) is running a contest this week with soon-to-be-published YA-writer Julie Cross. There are several prizes on offer, including a critique of the winner’s query or first… Continue reading Roni & Julie’s totally epic summer contest