Igniting the flame

The first 15 pages of my manuscript All Things Easy won the single-title contemporary category of the Ignite the Flame contest! Thanks, Central Ohio Fiction Writers. It’s been a really tough few months, and this has perked me up. I really do appreciate it.

When reality and fiction meet

Yesterday I became British. One nationality’s just not enough, right? It involved paying the government around three weeks’ worth of wages, swearing allegiance to the Queen and all her successors, singing “God Save the Queen” and then going out for dim sum with my hubby and in-laws. The whole time I was sitting in the… Continue reading When reality and fiction meet

My dark moments

One of my manuscripts is a finalist in the Break-up Contest, run by Alaska Romance Writers! Pretty good, since the scene I entered was my hero and heroine’s wedding (let’s just say, all does not go as planned for them). This is a different ms to the one I entered in the Between the Sheets… Continue reading My dark moments