Getting it on in historic homes

The National Trust – which protects special properties in England, Wales and Northern Ireland – and Mills & Boon have teamed up to publish a series of romance novels set in NT properties. The Guardian has a great article about the partnership, including references to some real-life trysts that caused scandals. My favorite quote is… Continue reading Getting it on in historic homes

Open Country by Kaki Warner

The second book in Kaki Warner’s Blood Rose Trilogy combines witty characters, nearly unbearable tension, and stunning prose to give it pride of place on the keeper shelf. Reading Kaki Warner’s debut novel, Pieces of Sky, was one of the most exciting reading experiences I’ve ever had. Here was an author writing about life in… Continue reading Open Country by Kaki Warner

Could you love a rake?

Sabrina Jeffries and Sue Grimshaw pose an interesting question over on Borders True Romance today: How do you feel about “real” rakehells in romance, and where would you draw the line? It got me thinking. Actually, it was a question I’d been pondering for awhile, but it’s been on my mind more since I finished… Continue reading Could you love a rake?