Love for the downtrodden hero

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One Fine Cowboy coverA couple of months ago, I wrote about how I don’t always connect with kickass heroines. The women I empathize with the most in novels are inevitably ones more like me—people whose main fights have been to overcome internal barriers, like fear and low confidence after spending too much time around mean jackasses, to accomplish the things they want in life.

Fortunately for me, romance is full of these women and I get to watch them blossom into confident, fulfilled people by the end of a novel. But what if the genders were reversed? How many romance heroes can you name who’ve been so badly beaten down by life and past relationships that they struggle with the confidence they need to achieve their dreams? Or worse, they barely allow themselves to dream anymore?

I was surprised to find such a hero in one of this year’s RITA-nominated contemporary single title novels.

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