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Smarty Pants is a big rugby fan, and because he’s part Irish he supports the Ireland national team.

I’m a fan of big burly men, and because the Ireland national team has lots of big burly men I’m a fan of them, too.

So on our wedding day, our best man (Smarty Pants’ brother) managed to get us a card signed by several of Ireland’s players, including the legendary Brian O’Driscoll.

We have many photos of me jumping up and down in my wedding dress.

It looks like a Kiwi best man has beaten my brother-in-law. (Hat tip to Bronwen Evans and Elyssa Papa for tweeting it yesterday.)

He somehow got four All Blacks (the New Zealand national team) to pretend they were the bride’s ex-boyfriends and to wish the couple luck on video.

This is priceless – especially Sonny Bill Williams (on the exercise bike), who’s got “romance hero” written all over him.

Too bad the hero of my rugby romance novel is English, not Kiwi. That’s a freaking adorable accent.

What’s the best best-man gift or trick you’ve ever seen?


  1. Agreed, he’s adorable. (Mind if I stalk your kickass blog?)
    I was once the beneficiary of a wicked-cool “man gift.” On my sixteenth birthday, four of my artsy (cute + geek) guy friends came through the doorway of my math class singing in barbershop quartet. Wearing tuxes, bearing roses, they knelt around my desk and serenaded me.
    Sometimes it pays to be a nerd.

    1. Oh man, that sounds like such a cool surprise! It’s so nice when men (and pre-men) get sweetly creative, and there’s something extra special about it when they do it for a friend (or someone who’s marrying their friend) instead of to get laid.

      And of COURSE you can stalk my blog! It’s positively encouraged!

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