I’ve been really insanely busy these last few weeks, trying to:

  • finish rewriting one of my manuscripts
  • build myself a website
  • get on top of things at my new job
  • plan a work-related trip to Ethiopia.

Fortunately, I’m nearly done with the first two items, and I hope to relaunch this blog on my new site very soon. I’ll keep you posted!

But this means that I don’t have a giveaway for you this week (so sorry!), and the blog will be quiet for most of the rest of the week as I migrate it.

You can still enter to win a $10 gift certificate for yourself and a contemporary romance author by telling me about your contemporaries to covet in February. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow.

And, since I feel bad for not having a giveaway for you, I thought I’d treat you to some pics of my town in the Netherlands right now, where the high this weekend never got above 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-7 degrees Celsius).

Hope you’re wrapped up warm wherever you are!

Frozen bike
Frozen bike
Frozen pond
Frozen pond
Frozen canal
Frozen canal
Frozen canal
Another frozen canal
Cold woman
Frozen me

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  1. These pictures are beautiful.
    There are a couple of books coming out this month that I am really excited about. The first is J.D. Robb’s Celebrity in Death, and the other is Lisa Kleypas’s Rainshadow Road.
    In addition, your interview with Lisa Dale a few weeks ago got me started on her books, and I really love them. So, I just wanted to say THANKS!

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