My first readers

On Friday I sent my synopsis and first three chapters to a few trusted friends. It felt like a truly momentous occasion. These were, after all, the very first people who would see anything I’ve written (well, for this novel, at least). In return, I got the sound of crickets. Nada. So I emailed them… Continue reading My first readers

Dontcha break my heart (my achy Golden Heart)

(Manuscript #1 word count: 64,892) I was in Dublin killing time in an internet cafe as Hubby read every single sports report published online, when I thought I’d look up information about Romance Writers of America’s romance novel competitions. They announce the winner at their annual conference, and I knew that next year’s is in… Continue reading Dontcha break my heart (my achy Golden Heart)

Romance novel contests and competitions

I had never thought about writing competitions as a way to publication until I read Meredith Duran’s Duke of Shadows, her first published novel and winner of’s First Chapters Writing Competition. The competition seems to be defunct, as do most of the others I’ve seen people write blog posts about in the past. I’ve… Continue reading Romance novel contests and competitions