5 reasons I wish I were a romance heroine

Many of us romance readers wish we had the same things the heroines we read about get: a beautiful man who adores us, a close community of friends, fantastic sex, and a guaranteed happy ending.

But a tweet from Lauren Plude, editorial assistant at Grand Central Publishing, got me thinking. Lauren wrote: “One of the many reasons I sometimes wish I was a romance heroine–they never seem to have to wait for AM laundry delivery.”

Since I read that while working on a really annoying project, I started thinking about all the little blessings romance heroines have in their lives.

Forget the hot heroes; these are the real reasons I wish I were a romance heroine:

1. They never have to scrub toilets, grout or bathroom caulking.

2. Their hero is always willing to pitch in with dishwashing—often insisting on it without even being asked (unthinkable!).

3. If I were a Harlequin Presents heroine, I could own an art gallery in Sydney without actually having to work hard at managing it while I run around with my billionaire lover.

4. I’d have friends with exactly the skills and experience I’d need to rely on for every problem in my life.

5. Perhaps most importantly, though, nine hours at the office could be glossed over in a paragraph.

What are the little blessings that make you envy romance heroines?

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    1. Morning breath! How did I forget that one? Even better than never having morning breath yourself is loving a hero who never has it. Perfect.

    1. Absolute YES to the deodorant. Of course, romance heroines never seem to have pit hair, either, so that must partly explain why they don’t need deodorant.

      Glad you liked the post, Landra!

  1. If I were a romance heroine, I wouldn’t have to spend time standing in the broiling sun, handing out bottles of water to families moving their college kids into their dorm rooms. I would have flunkies to do that for me while I jetted off for a long weekend in Patagonia with my Latino billionaire.

    1. ugh – is that in your contract? Is your boss off in Patagonia while his/her flunkie hands out those water bottles?

  2. If I were a romance heroine, being sassy to mean, condescdending people would make them grudgingly respect me. This would also work on sexist men. Plus, I could tell off my friends’/significant other’s parents for being bad parents! I don’t think that would work so well IRL.

    1. Yes – and you’d always know exactly what to say to put people in their place, instead of coming up with it an hour later. That would be amazing.

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