Review: Wild Thing by Robin Kaye

Funny, sexy and emotionally gripping—Wild Thing will make you want to book flights to Idaho in search of Robin Kaye’s hot river guides!

Wild ThingWhen whitewater-rafting guide Hunter Kincaid gets a job guiding a bunch of models on a special shoot, he enlists the help of his two brothers to protect him from the modeling agency’s owner, who was all over him when she visited Idaho to scout for locations a few weeks ago.

Fortunately for Hunter, the agency’s owner has to take care of a last-minute deal that keeps her in New York. She sends her manager, Toni Russo, instead.

Toni is terrified of the great outdoors. A traumatic experience when she was a child left her petrified of the woods, so a week-long trip through the wilds of Idaho may as well be a week-long trip through hell. But Hunter’s immediately drawn to the sexy Goth, and he patiently woos her out of her cabin and into the safety of his arms.

Wild Thing held me captive through most of the story. I’m a sucker for a hero who falls fast and hard, and Hunter is the perfect alpha male for me—strong, capable and gentle. I’m also a sucker for a strong woman with a significant weakness—in Toni’s case, an irrational fear from her childhood—which she struggles to overcome.

Toni particularly intrigued me. I’ve never read a romance with a Goth heroine before, and I love that Robin Kaye takes a chance on a heroine who would probably draw confused stares in real life. Toni’s insecurity, anger and capability blend nicely in the novel, coming together to create a complex, realistic woman.

The story did start to lose my interest near the end. Toni and Hunter finally work through the issues keeping them apart but then there’s a very long scene as they plan their wedding. I got the impression the wedding was supposed to be humorous but it felt off to me, like it belonged in a different book with different people.

I’ve only read one other Robin Kaye novel (Yours for the Taking, which features Hunter’s cousin Ben), but the novels I’ve read are full of snappy dialogue, clever characters and creative plotlines. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for her next release.

Rating: 4 out of 5
Heat: 4 (Hot)

Have you read Wild Thing, or any of Robin Kaye’s other novels? What did you think?


  1. I read Robin’s first book, Romeo, Romeo. It was great. I’ve got a couple of her others in my TBR pile. Just haven’t gotten around to them.

    1. 🙂 It’s uncanny, Tooty.

      And funnily enough, I’ve got a guest post lined up for tomorrow, written by erotic romance novelist Roni Loren, about romance cover models like you.

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