What do you want to know about your favorite authors?

Next week I’m going to be putting the blog on maternity leave. Don’t worry – I’ll post the winner of the Contemporaries to Covet giveaway on Tuesday, as promised, but then I’m going to give myself some time off to tackle other things on my to-do list (like giving birth and figuring out how to be a mom).

When I come back, I’ll be all fired up to start promoting my debut novel, Knowing the Score, which is being published by Carina Press on August 5th. That means giveaways! Plus, I have the usual fun stuff, like interviews with your favorite authors and posts about awesome romance novels.

Before I go, though, I’d love it if you helped me with one last thing. I want to hear about the things you like to know about authors.

I’ve been interviewing authors on this blog for a couple of years now, and those interviews seem to be really popular with you guys. I always try to ask questions that are a little deeper or more interesting than the standard questions they might get asked because I’m really curious about who they are and what makes them different from others.

I love it when authors have lots of tidbits on the “About me” page of their website. I’d like to update my own “About me” page, but it’s hard to know what readers might be interested in knowing about me – or about the authors I interview here.

So help a girl out. What are some of the things you like knowing about the authors whose books you read? What makes an author’s “About me” page fun and interesting?

Thanks, and have a wonderful weekend!

By Kat

Kat Latham writes sexy contemporary romance, including the London Legends rugby series. With degrees in English lit and human rights, she loves stories that reflect the depth, humor and emotion of real life. She's a California girl living in the Netherlands with her baby girl and British husband.


  1. I love reading the interviews with the authors.
    Some things I have wondered….what are some of their favorite authors? Do they ever use situations or people as scenes or characters for their books. What is their favorite genre to read? To write?

  2. I like to know what/who they like to read, other things they like to do besides write/read, quirky tidbits, etc.

    Have a great maternity leave. Hope you have a nice, easy labor/delivery and a very healthy, happy baby šŸ™‚

  3. Pretty much anything they want to share from family, pets, and their likes and dislikes.

    What an exciting time for you – best wishes and becoming a mom will just come natural to you šŸ™‚

  4. Aww, I’m going to really miss your posts. But you got to do what you got to do.
    For I me I would love to know who inspired the authors to become writers and authors themselves. Who was their first fictional crush. Who they would marry (Fictional or real) if not to their hero (man/husband) right now. Who they would leave their man for- if it’s not seen as wrong by the greater ton. A lot of scandalous questions would be my picks. šŸ™‚

  5. I too like to who other authors like to read, & what they are working on next.
    Before you know that little girl will be here. so take a well deserved break.

  6. I usually remember the weird stuff, something that catches my eye. I think in some way it has to reflect your writing style, therefore those who haven’t read your blog before will know what to expect.

    We’re all going to miss you. Take care and I look forward to your return in blogosphere.

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