Review and giveaway at Dear Author

Waaaay back when I was 14 years old, I got a B+ in my geometry class and had an emotional meltdown, begging my teacher for a chance to do extra credit. (It’s true. Just ask my friend Amanda.)

Today I got a B+ review from Dear Author and I’m CHUFFED TO BITS! (That’s a good thing.) Dear Author is a much harder grader than Mr. Hinrichs was.

Jayne wrote a really, really lovely review. Here’s an excerpt.

The book is funny and real and the dialogue is fantastic…I want Spencer. I want to marry this man. We’ve had some reviews recently that mentioned heroes winning their heroines by treating them nicely and that fits here in spades. Not only is he patient and a sweetie, he’s sexy as hell. Spencer should be cloned and mass produced for export. Britain would have a trade surplus that would be the envy of the world.

London Legends field bagI’m giving Dear Author readers a chance to win Knowing the Score. Three people will get a copy of my book, and one of those people will also win this London Legends field bag.

Friends, head over to Dear Author, read the review, and enter the giveaway. But hurry because it ends Monday!

Friday favorites: Get to know the Netherlands (or Holland)

As many of you know, I live in the Netherlands. What you may not know is that I don’t live in Holland.

The lovely @_ClaudiaGC tweeted me this video which is the probably the funnest geography lesson I’ve ever had. I learned that I was a lot more ignorant of the country I live in than I ever realized.

Watch it for the knowledge, so you can explain why people are wrong when they refer to the whole of the Netherlands as “Holland”. Or just watch it for its lovely photos of canals, windmills and tulips. (Yes, we’re surrounded by all three of those here. It’s a cliche, but it’s true.)

This video’s so fun that I’m going to explore the rest of that YouTube channel. If you do too, I’d love to know which videos you like best.

Did you learn something new about the Netherlands? Did you find any other videos you like on that channel?

Next week I’m taking a blogging break. With seven weeks till the baby’s due, I’m working on four different to-do lists and need to focus on getting some boring stuff done (like taxes and cleaning out my closet to make room for baby clothes). But I’ll be back on March 18th with an interview and giveaway from Ruthie Knox, so stick around!

Friday favorites: Splash around with these animal rehab videos

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of overcast skies and having to put on a bulky coat every time I go outside. If you live anywhere outside of the tropics, you’re probably fed up too.

So this week’s Friday favorite is a couple of videos showing how resilient marine animals can be. Find a happy place.

First up, here’s Eddie the otter playing basketball to beat his arthritis. OhmyGodisthiscute!

I love that the zookeeper says he was taken for “voluntary” X-rays. I can imagine how that conversation went. “Hey, Eddie, you’re getting up there in age. Wanna get some X-rays?”

Eddie shrugs. “Why the hell not?”

This next video has some graphic images, so you might not want to watch if you get upset easily. This giant turtle survived a shark attack five years ago, but her flippers didn’t. So scientists in Japan have made her prosthetic flippers which are helping her get around.

Isn’t science amazing? Do you have any amazing animal rehab videos to share?

Friday favorites: Buy a T-shirt, help rebuild a home for Sandy survivors

I’ve worked for charities for years, so I love seeing new and interesting ways of raising money for worthy causes.

I recently discovered, a website that raises money for a different charity every week by selling specially designed T-shirts. For each T-shirt they sell, they donate $7 to that week’s charity.

This week, they’re raising money for Forward Edge International to help survivors of Hurricane Sandy repair or rebuild their homes.

You can see this week’s T-shirt designs in this video.

The T-shirts tend to hover in the $25-30 range which, to my mind, makes them shirts, not T-shirts. They look gorgeous, and I would happily wear one to work. Then again, I work from home, so no one gives a crap what I wear.

Anyway, I recommend checking out their site and signing up to their newsletter or following them on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Last week they raised money to fund undercover missions to free girls (yes, underage girls) from brothels in India. Who knows what they’ll fund next week, but if you’d like to do something nice for Sandy survivors and you can afford a new shirt, you have about three days left to get one from Sevenly.

What do you think of Sevenly’s idea? See any shirts you like? Do you know of other interesting fundraising sites?