Dreams Come True giveaway #1

On Friday, I announced my special news – that I’m getting published and I’m pregnant. And I’m so overwhelmed by all of the wonderful comments and support I received. Thank you, everyone! Every weekday this week, I’m doing a different giveaway to celebrate. Yesterday I published my monthly Contemporaries to Covet giveaway, which will stay… Continue reading Dreams Come True giveaway #1

Contemporaries to covet in December

Happy December, everyone! It’s my favorite month of the year. I might be in my 30s, but the approaching holiday season still fills me with excitement. For those of you who are new here, welcome! The first Monday of every month, I do a special giveaway. I tell you about a couple of contemporary romance… Continue reading Contemporaries to covet in December

Living vicariously through kick-ass heroines

This is cross-posted at The Season. I will never be a kick-ass heroine. Oh, I’ve had adventures and am proud of the things I’ve accomplished, but I’ve come to understand myself well enough to know my limits. I will never chase after a villain. In fact, the second I get nervous about a situation, I’ll… Continue reading Living vicariously through kick-ass heroines