Winner of the Rose Lerner giveaway!

A Lily Among Thorns coverWow! I was so thrilled when I got back from Kenya – where I had no internet for days – and saw the amazing conversations happening below my interview with Rose Lerner. Thanks so much to everyone who left a comment, and especially to Rose for being such a brilliant guest!

The winner of one of Rose’s books, and a copy of  Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson is…Pat L!

Pat, I’m emailing you, so if you don’t get my email please check your junk folder.

I’d like to give a big thank-you to everyone who participated in my Hearts and Minds giveaway throughout August. I enjoyed it so much that I’m going to continue doing author interviews as long as authors will share their time with me!

Today I posted an interview with Judith James, who writes very sexy Restoration-era romance. Leave a comment there for a chance to win her latest book.

Interview with Rose Lerner – and giveaway!

Rose LernerHistorical romance novelist Rose Lerner debuted last year with IN FOR A PENNY, and immediately won my forever-fanhood with her brilliant prose and unique characters.

She solidified my adoration with her September release, A LILY AMONG THORNS, which I had the pleasure of reading early for review. If you love thoughtful-yet-sensuous stories populated with intricately drawn characters, take my advice: pre-order LILY now.

Rose: EEEEEE!  I’m so excited you’ve read and liked the book!  It’s always nervewracking when something new comes out and not very many people have read it–there’s this irrational fear in the back of your mind, “Oh no, I’ve lost it, everyone’s going to hate it.”  Hearing nice things from friends really helps.

I’m thrilled to welcome Rose to my blog today as part of my Hearts and Minds giveaway, where we’re giving away a copy of either IN FOR A PENNY or A LILY AMONG THORNS (winner’s choice). Welcome, Rose!

1. Other than a love of Georgette Heyer, what draws you to the Regency period?

Well, I think it’s mostly that.  Not just Georgette Heyer, of course, but that I read a lot in the genre and the stories being told about the Regency era are the kinds of stories I like to read.  I love the way that Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer comedy-of-manners stuff blends with the more passionate stuff. (See question 5 below!)  So I already knew I was going to write Regencies before I ever did any research or really learned much about the era.

That said, it’s a really fascinating period.  A lot of things were in flux, economically and socially.  England was making the shift to an industrial society, and from a limited monarchy to…well, to a much more limited monarchy, but the whole way people thought about government and their relationship to it was changing.  The modern past-time of Talking About How Reading Girly Books Rots Women’s Brains was just gaining popularity.

The more I read about the era, the more familiar it sounds in many ways, and the more neverendingly, incomprehensibly different it sounds in others.  I love that contrast.

2. Your novels are so richly detailed that I imagine your bookshelves are bursting with historical reference books. What are your favorite sources for research?

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Review: A Lily Among Thorns by Rose Lerner

Rose Lerner’s stunning prose and keen eye for detail come together to create a unique, spellbinding novel

A Lily Among Thorns coverFive years after Solomon Hathaway gave his quarterly allowance to a prostitute, he walks back into her life to ask a favor.

Serena recognizes Solomon immediately. She used his money to buy her way up in the underworld, eventually becoming mistress to several high-flying men before going straight and opening an inn. She wants to return the favor, but having him around threatens the barrier she’s built around her heart in order to survive.

I’m not sure I can find words to express how much I love Rose Lerner’s prose. A LILY AMONG THORNS is only her second novel; her first, IN FOR A PENNY, came out last year and immediately became one of my favorite books of 2010.

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My husband is a doctor – and I’m throwing a blog party to celebrate!

FireworksMy husband finished his PhD! And he passed without having to make any corrections!

I’m clearly married to a genius, and that puts me in a celebratory mood. I’ve asked several friends to stop by over the coming month and help me celebrate by giving away books.

After four looong years of hard work and hours (hours HOURS) at the British Library, my husband can finally put Dr in front of his name.

Four years might not seem that long, but think about what the world was like in 2007:

  • Twitter (aka my best friend in the whole wide world) was only a year old.
  • The first Kindle was released on November 19, 2007 (yes – everyone read paper books).
  • There was still a chance Dennis Kunisich could be president (okay, admittedly it was a small chance).

Details: the Hearts and Minds giveaway

This party will appeal to your hearts and your minds.

Every week in August, I’ll have an interview with a brilliant romance novelist who debuted in the last four years. We’ll be giving away some of their books, and I’ll also be giving winners one of the novels my husband wrote about in his PhD – some of the best American literary fiction of the 1980s (yes, there was good litfic in the 80s. Promise.)

You don’t want to miss interviews with these amazing authors:

Ashley March

Louisa Edwards

Kaki Warner

Beverley Kendall

Rose Lerner

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And thanks for helping me celebrate! I’ll see you back here on Monday, August 1st!

How to write accents and speech patterns

I’ve written a couple posts about accents – specifically, about how to write a character who has a different accent to you, and some subtle differences in British and American English.

In for a Penny coverToday I want to talk about an amazing debut novel that I think handles accents brilliantly – In for a Penny by Rose Lerner. The book knocked my knee-socks off for loads of reasons, but in this post I’m going to look at some of the ways she shows her characters’ different speech patterns.

In for a Penny tells the story of the impoverished Lord Nevinstoke (Nev) and Penelope Brown,  a brewer’s daughter with a hefty dowry. Penelope’s father began amassing his fortune when she was a baby, so she has never lived in penury. Her parents are part of a rising middle class, so they speak much differently than Penelope’s titled husband.

Here’s how Rose Lerner subtly slips in references to how they speak, without beating the reader over the head with dialect.

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