Show me the Mangatar – and win!

Last week I told you about an addictive site I found,, and I asked you to send me your own Manga-style avatar so we could get to know each other better (and so you could have a chance to win a $10 book gift certificate :))

The Mangatar website seems to break frequently, so I’m really pleased to say we got three entries. Look at how gorgeous you all are!

I love them all and need help choosing a winner. So, everyone, leave a comment below telling me which is your favorite. The winner will get a $10 gift certificate, and I’ll randomly draw one commenter to win one too.

In ABC order by first name, here’s…

June Manning (love that hair!)

June Manning

Moriah Densley (ROWR! Bedroom eyes!)

Moriah Densley

Stephanie Burgis (Amen to the sign!)

Stephanie Burgis

Time to vote!

Okay, readers, who should win? Leave your comment below and I’ll choose one of you to also win a $10 gift certificate to an online book store.

I’ll announce the winners on Tuesday May 8th, so be quick!

13 thoughts on “Show me the Mangatar – and win!

  1. I don’t think I can vote on this one, since I’m not unbiased! 😉 But I love everybody’s mangatars. Thanks so much for linking to the mangatar site in the first place, Kat! I’ve actually been keeping my mangatar permanently open in one of my tabs just so I can look back at it as a reminder every time I need it.

  2. I like Stephanie’s! I wish I had hair like that! (And I like the message. ^_^)

    Good luck to the 3 manga-testants! ^_^

  3. They’re all three beautiful!
    But I think I love Moriah’s best. I think it’s her eyes, definitely bedroom eyes. 🙂

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