Interview with Jill Shalvis – and giveaway!

Jill ShalvisThere are a handful of authors whose books I’ll buy without waiting to read a review. There’s an even smaller number whose books I’ll preorder without any qualms. Jill Shalvis is among the few, the proud, the best contemporary romance authors out there.

I’m thrilled she’s joining me and is giving away a copy of Animal Attraction, the second book in her Animal Magnetism series! I’ve got my copy pre-ordered, but you can win yours by leaving a comment below.

Welcome, Jill!

Simply Irresistible1. This year, you’re releasing two contemporary series, each with a different publisher. Are you the world’s most organized writer, or were you blessed with the power to freeze time for everyone but yourself? How do you do it?

I’m possibly the most unorganized person on the planet in every possible way … except for the writing.  I have a lot of stories to tell, apparently.  🙂  I like working on two different series.  I don’t get bored and it suits my ADHD.

2. What got you started writing and how long did it take you to first get published?

I got started writing when my kids were young and I needed a creative outlet.  I’ve always been a huge reader, so turning to write in order to amuse myself seemed like a natural transition.  I wrote my first book and then started another.  I’d just finished the second one when I sold the first.  I never stopped …

Animal Magnetism3. I went to your workshop about writing contemporary romance at this year’s RWA National Conference. For people who weren’t able to make it, can you give us the most important elements you think contemporaries need to have to be successful?

I think for any book to be successful it has to have heart.  Romance already has a leg up in that.  Reach people, make them feel.  And if you can make them laugh as well, that’s a bonus as far as I’m concerned.

4. I love following you on Facebook and reading your blog. You’re so personable, you talk a lot about your family, and you bring your heroes to life with some of the sexiest photos imaginable. In fact, you reflect the same tone of voice and values that your books have. Do you find social media to be a useful marketing tool, or is it more an extension of your personality the way your books are?

I started out writing my blog because writing is lonely.  With my blog, it felt like I had friends all over the world.  I didn’t understand that I was doing the social media thing.  That is just a bonus.  So I guess it’s more an extention of me than anything else.

5. One thing I love about your novels is that they feature strong male characters who are soft as marshmallows inside (only inside, heh) when it comes to their heroines. What draws you to this kind of character?

A hero’s got to have heart to interest me.  Of course a solid set of abs doesn’t hurt either.  🙂

Tell us all about Animal Attraction!

Animal AttractionWell we’ve got a sexy veterinarian (and rumored woman whisperer!) and the no nonsense woman who runs his vet center.  Dell’s not big on love but Jade has this way of bringing out a protective nature in him.  And a crazy desire they can’t seem to fight.

And it comes out on Tuesday!  🙂


Leave a comment by Monday October 10th for a chance to win Animal Attraction!


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