Announcing a crapton of winners!

I wanted to post this on Sunday, but my daughter got really gross conjunctivitis and was sick all weekend. 🙁 Fortunately, she’s feeling much better today, and when I dropped her off at daycare one of her little buddies ran up to her and gave her a big hug. My heart totally melted.

Anyhoo, a crapton of people have won great books and other goodies today, so here’s the list!

From my interview with Dani Collins, the winner of a signed copy of the Montana Homecoming anthology is…Ginny Wexlet!

From my interview with Kelly Hunter, the winner of a $20 Amazon gift certificate is…Denise!

From my interview with Megan Crane, the three winners of the Montana Born e-book of your choice are…Evelyn S, Nancy Leubke, and Janine!

Now we have a bunch of winners of His Road Home by Anna Richland.

The winners from my blog post are Virginia H and Janina!

The winners on Twitter are Linda Larsson (@fr_larsson) and Cathy Phillips (@kscathy).

The winners on Facebook are Monica Ca, Amy Higgison, and Patty Kingery Degmetich!

And I’ll announce the winners from my newsletter in my next newsletter. 🙂

Phew! You should all hear from me in the next few hours. If you don’t, email me at

And while we’re here, did you know I have book coming out on Friday? I’m so excited about the early reviews One Night with Her Bachelor has been getting. Here are excerpts from a few of them.

You can pre-order One Night with Her Bachelor now and it’ll be on your ereader on Friday. Come back then to celebrate with me! Till then, have a lovely week!

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