Interview with Megan Crane — & giveaway!

Megan CraneToday I’m so pleased to get a chance to chat with Megan Crane, author of Bachelor Auction book #5, In Bed with the Bachelor — which just came out today! Welcome, Megan, and congrats on your latest release!

1. Tell us a little about the hero and heroine in In Bed with the Bachelor.

Jesse Grey (nephew of Jason Grey, proprietor of Grey’s Saloon in Marietta) has pretty much been in a bad mood ever since his father stole his girlfriend three years ago, and is positive nothing could ever change his stance on No Love, Ever.  Michaela Townsend, by contrast, thinks she has her life together.  Great job, great fiancé, great everything.

Naturally, they’re both wrong.  All it takes is getting stuck in a snowstorm to see it!

2. How does Michaela end up buying Jesse?

She doesn’t.  Her interfering relatives have banded together to buy him, and not even for her—they think Jesse, with all his noted business acumen, can help Michaela’s fiancé who they aren’t all that fond of.

3. What makes their relationship complicated?

There’s that little wrinkle of her being engaged to another man, though Michaela and her fiancé have a bit of an unconventional relationship…

4. Is In Bed with the Bachelor related to any of your other books?

Jesse Grey is one of the Grey cousins, all related in one way or another to surly Jason Grey, who runs Grey’s Saloon and has appeared in a lot of Montana Born books—not just mine!  Jesse’s father and wife (who happens to be Jesse’s ex—ouch) appeared in Come Home For Christmas, Cowboy, which featured Jesse’s cousin Christina and her husband, Dare.  It’s not at all necessary to read anything else before this one, though.

5. If you could buy any celebrity for a date, who would you buy and what kind of date would he take you on?

I live in Los Angeles, so I’ve been a little bit closer to celebrities than many, and I’d have to say that I wouldn’t want to do this.  At all.  I’d want to go on a date with my fantasy version of whichever star, not the actual person.  That’s destined to end in tears.  Mine, probably!  It occurs to me that this is why I wrote a Bachelor Auction novella that’s all about seeing beneath the surface of things…

Speed-dating round

When you were a kid, what was your dream job?

I wanted to be a writer when I grew up.  I still can’t believe that dream came true!  (I also wanted to be a Broadway star, but you know, you can’t have everything.)

If you won the lottery, what’s the most expensive thing you would buy?

A little studio apartment in Manhattan.  Or maybe a cottage in Cape Cod.  Or maybe a little getaway in Wanaka, New Zealand.  Hmm.  Maybe I need to win a lot of lotteries!

What’s the most beautiful place you’ve been to?

Iceland.  A thousand times, Iceland.  It’s magical!

Name a place you’ve never been to but would love to visit.

I recently saw a very cool trip to Antarctica that I’d absolutely love to take, with guest lecturers and scientists and amazing excursions and penguins, but it was laughably far outside my budget.  Someday!  Before it all melts!

What’s one food you hate?

Lima beans.  **shudder**


Megan’s giving away the Marietta e-book of the winner’s choice. She’s asked me to randomly select three winners. Leave a comment below to enter!

In Bed with the Bachelor

In Bed With The BachelorOur latest bachelor has enough family in Marietta to qualify as an honorary native, but hails instead from Seattle, WA, which is where he’ll fly you for a glamorous weekend on the shores of the sparkling Puget Sound.  Jesse Grey will treat you the way a local boy turned construction tycoon should: five star accommodations, gourmet dinners, and celebrated Washington wines.  We just can’t promise he’ll smile much.  Or at all.

Sold to the highest bidder!

Jesse Grey, notorious bachelor and one of Seattle’s foremost construction tycoons, has been roped into participating in the Marietta Bachelor Auction thanks to an expertly executed guilt trip laid out by his family.

Michaela Townsend already has a fiancé and certainly doesn’t need another man in her life. So when her family buys her surly, sexy Jesse at the auction and wrangles him into driving her from Montana to Seattle, she’s appalled yet disturbingly attracted.

As far as Jesse is concerned, Michaela is forbidden fruit. Even though he knows her fiancé isn’t all he seems, Jesse would never take what didn’t belong to him. But how long can he resist the one woman he shouldn’t touch? | Amazon UK | Amazon Aus | Amazon Can | B&N | iBooks | Google Play | Kobo

About the author

USA Today bestselling and critically-acclaimed author Megan Crane has written more than 40 books from women’s fiction, chick lit, and work-for-hire young adult novels to Harlequin Presents as RITA-nominated Caitlin Crews. These days her focus is on contemporary romance, from her special brand of cowboys to sexy bikers and beyond. She sometimes teaches creative writing classes both online at and at UCLA Extension’s prestigious Writers’ Program, where she finally utilizes the MA and PhD in English Literature she received from the University of York in York, England. She lives in California with her husband who draws comics and animation and their menagerie of ridiculous animals.

See Megan’s other books from Tule Publishing.

Buy the Bachelor Auction series at Amazon

Interview with Dani Collins—and giveaway!

Dani Collins HeadshotToday I’m really excited to have Dani Collins here to talk about the third book of the Bachelor Auction series, The Bachelor’s Baby. Welcome, Dani, and congrats on your latest release!

Hi Kat. Thanks for having me here today. I’m excited to meet all your readers. *Waving*

1. Tell us a little about the hero and heroine in The Bachelor’s Baby.

Meg is the sister of my hero, Blake, from Blame The Mistletoe. They’re both adopted, but have different back stories. While he knew his grandparents and had ties to the community of Marietta, her biological parents are a mystery. That’s always left her with questions and a deep sense of rejection. This need to know why takes her into investigative journalism and even a spot on the evening news in Chicago, using her birth name, but she’s never found her birth parents.

Linc lost his dad when he was too young to help his mother keep the ranch they loved. She sold it and worked hard as a single mom to provide for him. Once he was old enough to work the oil rigs, he did it for the money, to support her, but he’s always wanted to go back to ranching and finally buys a foreclosed ranch near Marietta, Meg’s hometown.

2. How does Meg end up buying Linc?

Well. Meg is home to clean out her old bedroom because Blake is marrying and needs her room for his new step-daughter. It makes Meg realize that she’s saying goodbye to her hometown and she’s quite melancholy and winds up ditching her truck in a snow bank, she’s so distracted. Linc stops to help her and, being a bachelor with certain desires, kind of propositions her.

She declines, but it starts a bit of a thing between them. When Lily, Sarah Mayberry’s heroine from Bound to the Bachelor, approaches Meg to ask if Blake would like to be a bachelor, she suggests Linc would make a perfect addition to the line up. He gets mad and she feels bad and winds up bidding on him. That doesn’t go well either.

3. What makes their relationship complicated?

First off, Meg is heading back to Chicago. They only have the one night and it’s kind of a surprise to both of them that it happens (but, as Linc reminisces later, they ‘nearly set the bed on fire.) Then, as you can guess by the title, Meg winds up pregnant. Linc never wanted a family—he made that clear to Meg that night. For Meg, having an unexpected pregnancy is her worst nightmare. She was going to be better than her birth mother, but here she is and Linc’s initial resistance is super hard on her, but he mans up very quickly and they start to work out how to proceed.

4. Is The Bachelor’s Baby related to any of your other books?

You betcha! My first Montana Born book was Hometown Hero, or, as one reviewer called it, The Ballplayer & The Secretary. Chase Goodwin comes back to town to help his half-brother and falls for an old crush, Skye Wolcott.

Blame The Mistletoe opens at a Christmas party hosted by Skye and Chase and features Liz, a California girl housesitting for the holidays and Blake Canon, who I mentioned above is Meg’s brother. They have an awkward connection in that their exes are brother and sister and things get pretty complicated when their children and ex-inlaws find out what they’re up to.

Finally, I’ll have a fourth book in this series out in May of this year called His Blushing Bride. I’m super excited about it because I adore the hero, Bastian. He’s Liz’s brother and is a total hottie who gets his heart handed to him by Piper, the high school music teacher.

5. If you could buy any celebrity for a date, who would you buy and what kind of date would he take you on?

Ooh, great question! George Clooney is obviously a contender, but I have a terrible crush on John Hamm (especially as Don Draper. *swoon*) Robert Downey Jr. is adorable, as is Benedict Cumberbatch, but if we go much younger than that (Chris Pine) it starts to get weird.

As for what kind of date… Hmm. I’ve been married for nearly 25 years. We went to dinner and a movie last weekend and it was Subway and The Duff. Going to a real restaurant with cloth napkins would pretty much knock my socks off.

Speed-dating round

When you were a kid, what was your dream job?

Writing romance (seriously, I started dreaming of doing this when I was in high school.)

If you won the lottery, what’s the most expensive thing you would buy?

Round the world travel, possibly on a cruise but I wouldn’t want to be stuck on a ship. I just like the idea of unpacking once.

Name a place you’ve never been to but would love to visit.

I have a million of them! Iceland, Spain, Ireland, St. Petersburg, cruise The Black Sea, every natural wonder, Caribbean beaches, the Great Wall of China…  and on and on….

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Just the other day I thought my husband might actually go for living in Ireland and I could definitely get into trying that for a year, but I’d love any sort of wine country – which is ridiculous because I’m two hours from wine country here. I just need to either make the drive more often or plant some grapes.

What’s one food you hate?



One signed copy of Montana Homecoming. It includes my novella, Hometown Hero and four other Montana Born novellas, plus bookmarks, a pad of sticky notes and a pen.


Your date with Bachelor #3 includes champagne and chocolate in the limo that collects you, a helicopter tour or Marietta and the surrounding mountains and valleys, and dinner at a five star restaurant in Great Falls. While oil baron Linc Brady wines and dines you, a maid service will completely clean your home.

COLLINS-TheBachelorsBaby-MEDIUMWho could resist this tempting offer? Meg Canon plans to do just that. She’s only home to clean out her childhood bedroom for her brother’s new step-daughter, then she’s outta her childhood small town and back to her life in Chicago. Then she meets the sexy, renegade millionaire while she’s stuck in the snow. Sparks fly and Meg is tempted to stay a little longer.

Linc Brady is new in town and happy to help a kid in need, but a bachelor auction? Technically he doesn’t owe Meg a damned thing after she sets him up for the auction, then bids on him, but her high-class city polish is his fatal weakness and makes her impossible to forget. When she agrees to come home with him, he makes it clear he’s a confirmed bachelor. This is a one-night thing.

One night that turns into nine months and maybe…a lifetime?

Amazon: US | Canada | UK  | iBooks | Nook | Kobo

About the author

Award winning author Dani Collins wrote for 25 years before selling to Harlequin Mills & Boon in London in May of 2012. Since then, she’s turned in more than a dozen titles to Harlequin Presents and HarlequinE plus four small town contemporary novellas to Montana Born. She has even found homes for some of her previously rejected manuscripts, including indie-publishing her single title romantic comedy, Hustled To The Altar and signing with a small press for her medieval fantasy, The Healer.

Stay current with Dani’s new releases by joining her newsletter or visiting her here:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Interview with Kate Hardy—and giveaway!

Kate HardyToday I’m thrilled to have the second author in Montana Born Books’ Bachelor Auction series here to tell us more about her delicious romance, Bachelor at Her Bidding – which came out today. Welcome, Kate Hardy, and congrats on your latest release!

1. Tell us a little about the hero and heroine in Bachelor at Her Bidding.

Ryan grew up in Marietta, cared for by his grandparents after his parents’ death in an accident when he was ten. He trained as a chef in Paris, and was going to open a restaurant in Bozeman when he realised how sick his grandmother was – so he came back to Marietta to look after her. (This didn’t go down with his partner, who broke up with him over it.)

Rachel is a doctor – the only one of her family to go to university, so she feels she has to live up to their expectations. Her husband had an affair and totally trashed her self-esteem – and she came home to be close to her family and pick her life back up again. She’s working part time as a family doctor.

2. How does Rachel end up buying Ryan?

Her sister and her best friends bid for him as a birthday present for her.

3. What makes their relationship complicated?

She has trust issues, from the way her ex betrayed her; and he feels responsible for his grandmother – from his ex’s behaviour, he doesn’t believe anyone can cope with being his partner when he’s his grandmother’s carer.

4. Is Bachelor at Her Bidding related to any of your other books?


5. If you could buy any celebrity for a date, who would you buy and what kind of date would he take you on?

Antonio Banderas – we’d go dancing, and he’d do the tango with me just like he does in Take the Lead…

Speed-dating round

If you could travel back in time, where would you go?

To the Led Zeppelin concert at Earls Court in 1975 (I was way too young at the time, but ohhh…)

Name two of your favorite romance novels.

The Vizard Mask by Diana Norman (best historical romance ever) and Gentlemen Prefer… Brunettes by Liz Fielding.

What’s the most beautiful place you’ve been to?


Name a place you’ve never been to but would love to visit.

Norway (to see the Northern Lights)

Who was your first crush?

Robert Plant (and still is – saw him at Cambridge last year and he still has so much presence!)


Kate’s giving away a copy of Bachelor at Her Bidding (ebook) and some chocolate (winner to advise preference of milk, dark or white). To enter, leave a comment below!

About the book

Your date with Parisian-trained chef Ryan Henderson promises you’ll get the best meal of your life cooked especially for you. His Red Velvet cheesecake is to die for – but we know he has even better desserts up his sleeve…

Bachelor at Her Bidding by Kate HardyHow to win a girl in ten cakes…

When Dr. Rachel Cassidy comes back to Marietta with a broken heart and a divorce under her belt, going to a Bachelor Auction fund-raiser doesn’t sound like her idea of a good time – and when her sister and friends “buy” her a dinner date with sexy Parisian-trained pastry chef Ryan Henderson, that sounds even worse.

Ryan doesn’t have time for dating – he’s put his dreams to one side and come back to Marietta to look after his sick grandmother. But when he agrees to help a charity fundraiser by offering to cook a special meal to one lucky bidder, he gets more than he bargains for and discovers a woman he might just dare to let himself fall in love with.

Then tragedy strikes, just when Rachel and Ryan think they might have a future, opening up old scars and pushing them apart.

And if they’re to stand a chance of getting back together, then Ryan’s going to have to be seriously inventive. Can he win the love of his life with ten cakes?

About the author

Kate Hardy is the award-winning author of more than 60 novels for Harlequin, Entangled and Tule Publishing.

She lives in Norwich in the east of England with her husband, two teenage children, a springer spaniel called Byron, and too many books to count. She’s a bit of a science and history nerd who loves cinema, the theatre, and baking (which is why you’ll find her in the gym five mornings a week – oh, and to ballroom dancing lessons). She loves doing research, especially if it means something hands-on and exploring. (That’s how the ballroom dancing started…)

Find Kate on her website, Facebook and Twitter!

Cover reveal — Win a Kindle Paperwhite!

Hello and happy new year! Yes, it’s February and I’ve been so busy writing, coughing, editing, sneezing, and writing some more that this is my first blog post of the year. But hopefully it’s worth the wait because I can share the cover of my first book of 2015 AND give you info about how to win a Kindle Paperwhite!

Ready for the cover for One Night With Her Bachelor (Wild Montana Nights #1)? Here it is–in a puzzle!


If you hate puzzles or just don’t have time, you can see the gorgeous man by clicking here.

Let me tell you a bit about the book. It’s part of a six-book series I’m doing with five other authors: Sarah Mayberry, Kate Hardy, Dani Collins, Kelly Hunter and Megan Crane. The series centers around the small town of Marietta, Montana, where ten-year-old local boy Josh Dekker is critically injured in a bad fall. His mom, Molly, needs some financial help to pay all the resulting bills, so her best friend Lily (from Sarah Mayberry’s Bound to the Bachelor) decides to organize a bachelor auction. Each of the six books features a different bachelor being auctioned off to the highest bidder…and unexpectedly finding love!

My book is the last in the series, and it focuses on Molly Dekker and the man who heroically rescued her son. Here’s some more about it:

Bid on a date with this wounded warrior for an unforgettable night of adventure. Aim high—and bid higher!—because no one comes close to local hero Gabriel Morales.

Molly Dekker hates being the town charity case, but when her son Josh is seriously injured she has no choice. She lets her best friend organize a bachelor auction to help pay her massive bills and make Josh’s life more comfortable. She can’t bid on any of the men, but a surprise bidder gives her a gift she never expected: a date with the man who saved her son’s life—the only one she’s in danger of losing her heart to.

Former Air Force pararescueman Gabriel Morales made a career of flying to the rescue, until a tragic helicopter crash stole more than his livelihood. Being auctioned off like a slab of beef isn’t in his recovery plan. But one look, one touch and one night unlocking Molly’s pent-up passion make him realize how badly he needs to be rescued…and how badly he wants to rescue Molly right back.

Will Molly and Gabriel’s never-quit attitude have them rushing head-first into love? Or will Gabriel’s secret pain stall their relationship before it can get off the ground?

Win a Kindle Paperwhite

My publisher is giving you a chance to win a Kindle Paperwhite over on the Fresh Fiction blog. That’s where you can see all six covers from the Bachelor Auction series. So go over there and let them know in the comments which cover is your favorite!

I’d love to know what you think of my cover. Does the story sound exciting? I hope so! It’s not available for pre-order yet, but I’ll let you know when it is!

P.S. The Bachelor Auction series kicks off with Sarah Mayberry’s Bound to the Bachelor on February 20. I’ve read it, and it’s SOOO good. Seriously, as soon as that sucker’s ready for pre-order, DO IT!