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Interview with Beth Kery – & giveaway!

Beth KeryBeth Kery might be one of the most prolific authors I’ve interviewed. Readers might know her for her sensual contemporary romance, her erotic romance or her paranormal and time travel romance. She’s even written a couple of historicals.

No matter the genre, though, one thing all readers will find in Beth Kery’s books is steam—plenty of sizzlin’ hot sensuality that could warm up any chilly November night.

I’m so glad to have Beth here today. She’s giving away a copy of her latest erotic romance, Exposed to You! (You can also read the first chapter at Dear Author. *fans face*)

Welcome, Beth!

Hi Kat! Thank you for having me!

1. You’ve written over 40 books in several sub-genres of romance. Can you tell us about your first one? Did you know when you started that you had all of these different kinds of stories in you, or did you think you would mostly publish one type of book?

Since I started out in the epub market, I had a lot more freedom in the beginning than I do now to pick and choose what I wanted to write. It was a lot of fun to have that wide of a range of creativity. I took advantage of it, exploring different genres. As my career grew, I started getting contracts, and these specify what your next two books will be, or your next three books. It’s wonderful to know you have a ‘sure thing’ for work, but I do miss the days where I could choose a paranormal because a spooky autumn day inspired me to do so. These days, I usually write contemporary romances or erotic contemporary romances, although I still like to dabble in the paranormal now and then.

2. The heroine in Exposed to You is an art teacher who’s roped in to helping her uncle, a special effects artist. The heroine, Joy, gets very up-close-and-personal with a Hollywood star. What kind of research did you get to do around special effects for film? Did you get very hands-on (*ahem* with any actors *cough*)?

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Interview with Roni Loren – & giveaway!

Roni LorenRoni Loren debuted in January with Crash Into You, a smokin’ hot erotic romance novel that convinced me I might be an erotic romance reader deep down. Roni’s characters are wonderfully real and a true pleasure to spend several hours with.

Her second novel, Melt Into You just came out, and I’m thrilled that Roni’s here today to answer my nosy questions! She’s also giving away a copy of her e-novella, Still Into You, to a lucky commenter. (See below for giveaway details.)

Welcome, Roni!

1. I described your debut novel, Crash Into You, as the thinking woman’s erotic romance. What draws you to erotic romance as a reader, and how did you first decide to start writing it?

Crash into YouThanks so much, Kat. That compliment makes me really happy because that’s exactly what I’m trying to write–stories that have just as much thought, emotion, and well-formed characters as other books but with a big helping of sexy times too. : )

And I didn’t originally plan to write erotic romance. I had written a YA and a contemporary romance manuscript first, but then an idea came to me that could only be told through erotic romance. I was already an avid erotic romance reader, but I was a bit intimidated at the thought of writing it. Mainly because–holy crap, other people may read all these naughty things I’ve written down, lol. But I fell in love with the characters and had to write their story, which eventually became CRASH INTO YOU.

2. One of the things I love about your stories is that your characters are very well developed and feel authentically human. Do you know your characters pretty well before you start writing, or do you discover them as you write and rewrite?

Thanks. 🙂 It’s a little of both. I’m definitely a character-driven writer so I need to know their backstories/wounds before I start. I know much more about the characters than the plot when I first start writing a draft. They feel like real people in my head. But even so, I always discover new things about them as a write, which is fun.

3. I was really nervous about reading my first erotic romance—though, since I’ve known you for a couple of years, I knew I was safe in your hands. 😉 As someone who knows the genre well, which authors or specific novels would you recommend to budding erotic readers?

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Testing your boundaries through erotic romance

Crash Into YouI’ve never been an erotic romance reader, but lately I’ve been testing my reading boundaries and branching out.

My latest post at The Season for Romance has some recommendations – and Bev is giving away Crash Into You by Roni Loren and Seven Day Loan by Tiffany Reisz, so you can test your boundaries (and restraints), too!