Excerpt & giveaway: The King of Threadneedle Street by Moriah Densley

You guys, I’m so happy to share a release week with my good friend Moriah Densley. She’s an incredibly talented author who writes sumptuous, sensuous historical romance and very fun paranormal romance.

Today her historical romance King of Threadneedle Street is being re-released. I’ve read this book twice, but I’m going to buy myself a new copy and read it again over Christmas. I think when you read the excerpt below, you will too!

First, here’s the book.

He owns three shipping companies, a diamond mine, and his own castle.
He knows Portuguese, Hindi, Mandarin and Morse code.
His assets net thirteen million.

King of Threadneedle Street by Moriah DensleyEveryone thinks Andrew Tilmore, Lord Preston, the financial prodigy dubbed “The King of Threadneedle Street,” has it all, but he wants the one prize money can’t buy: his childhood sweetheart.

Alysia Villier can’t say if it’s worse having Andrew’s father in control of her inheritance or Andrew in control of her heart. He’s ruined her for any other man, but she simply can’t give in to him. She knows he’s destined for great things — marrying a courtesan’s daughter would jeopardize everything he stands for.

Keeping Alysia out of trouble and away from eager suitors becomes a cross-continental quest for Andrew, and he won’t be stopped by his old-fashioned family or the disapproval of the ton. After all, he’s a man with the power to play newspapers and investors like pawns, tumble world markets and incite riots… but can he win the biggest gamble of his life?

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I absolutely looove this excerpt. Here’s what Moriah says about it: “Making Alysia a semi-famous painter was a joy. I took art lessons the year I wrote this manuscript, which helped me write from the perspective of an artist who sees light, color, and shape as possibilities instead of facts. There’s a scene wherein Alysia claims not to be affected by ‘heroic nudity’ in art, and Andrew calls her bluff. You’d better believe that was fun to write!”
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Winner of the Moriah Densley giveaway!

The Valkyrie's GuardianA big thank-you to everyone who stopped by last week to wish Moriah Densley a happy release day for The Valkyrie’s Guardian! And thank-you to Moriah for writing such a great post about the attraction of opposites.

The very lucky winner of a digital copy is…Ann S!

Congrats, Ann! Email me at romancingkatrina[at]gmail[dot]com and let me know which format you want your book in (Kindle, Nook, etc).

Everyone, this week you can help me celebrate signing with an agent. I’m giving away one of the books represented by my new agency, so leave a comment on my post “I have an agent” to enter!

Do opposites really attract? – Guest post & giveaway by Moriah Densley

Moriah DensleyMoriah Densley is an author I admire the dickens out of. Her debut novel – a historical romance with a very unusual hero – came out earlier this year, and this week her first paranormal romance is hitting the digital shelves, and she’s giving you a chance to win it.

You can read the interview I did with her earlier this year here, but today she’s introducing us to Jack and Cassie, the incredible hero and heroine of her latest novel, The Valkyrie’s Guardian. See below for giveaway details.

Take it away, Moriah!

I loved writing an “opposites attract” story. Tough jock gets geek girl. Jack MacGunn is a Scottish berserker warrior who works for the Navy SEALs when he’s not on bodyguard duty for Cassiopeia Noyon. Posh, bratty—a sexy librarian fantasy. Jack can’t decide if he wants to throttle her or kiss her.

Cassie can’t figure out why Jack’s been trying his bad pick-up lines on her: “Here, you take my lollipop, and I’ll improvise.” Flirting? Immortal, dazzling Jack is oh-so out of her league, isn’t he?

No wonder my hero and heroine spend most of the story mixing attraction with fighting. In the following excerpt, Jack is in trouble with Cassie, again. The night before, in a moment of honesty, Jack confessed his feelings and gave her a kiss that curled her hair. Not to mention her toes. When his boss—her grandfather—catches them, Jack promises he has no intention of pursuing Cassie.

How does she handle the rejection?
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Interview with Moriah Densley – & giveaway!

Moriah DensleyI’m so, so thrilled to introduce you to this week’s guest. Moriah Densley is a writer I’ve kept close tabs on for a couple of years – she’s my critique partner, and I consider it a huge privilege that I’ve been able to read early drafts of her novels. She writes sultry, smart historical romance and thrilling paranormal romance. Her stories grab at my heart and hold on tight till the end, staying with me long after I’ve finished reading them.

And I’m so pleased to introduce her to you because her debut novel, SONG FOR SOPHIA, is being released TODAY so now the rest of the world can see how brilliant she is!

She’s giving away a digital copy of SONG FOR SOPHIA to one lucky commenter. But first, welcome Moriah!

Hi Kat! *blowing a kiss* I love your blog, and as the president of your fan club, you can only imagine how exciting this is for me. Thanks for the nice intro. I’m blushing.

1. I always love hearing about how debut authors got started writing. What made you decide to sit down one day and write a romance?

Song for SophiaOh, it’s so stereotypical, I’m embarrassed to tell. I dreamed the library scene where Wilhelm calls the bluff on Sophia’s housemaid charade. He seemed dangerous and mesmerizing, and she gave him attitude despite being frightened half to death.

The characters in my head wouldn’t shut up, and I figured I’d finally gone crazy. It didn’t occur to me that I had the hero and heroine of a romance novel. I’m a violin teacher. My most recent writing experience was a research paper on Bach’s organ fugues. When I finally decided to write―just that one scene―it was scary. I felt exposed and ridiculous. That feeling didn’t last long, though.

One month and 140K words later, I had a completed draft. It was hideous. By then I’d realized A) I was addicted to writing, and B) I’d better learn some craft. Writers and agents are a generous bunch, and I read advice they posted on blogs and forums. I devoured everything I could find on the internet about publishing. I read like the world was coming to an end, probably 150 books a year by authors I admired. I found a critique group and beta readers who gave me both the criticism and encouragement I needed. I hope these people see the dedication page of my book; they’ve helped me come a long way.

2. Ooh…I’m intrigued! One of the many (many) things I love about you is that you’re full of qualities that – on the surface – seem like contradictions: classical violinist and gun enthusiast, for example. And your wide range of interests comes out in your historicals and paranormals. Do you think you could ever settle for one genre, or will you always search for new ways to tell your stories?

Why thank you. Kind of you not to mention how I proclaim myself a “fitness junkie” yet stuff my face with chocolate every chance I get.

I love self-serve frozen yogurt, where I mix half a dozen flavors with yet more toppings―a blend that looks like something you’d scrape out of your tire well. I could no sooner choose one romance genre than one flavor. Can’t even guarantee I’ll stay in fiction. I’d like to simply follow ideas and opportunities. Don’t tell my other babies, but just between us girls, historical is my favorite.

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