Winner of the Moriah Densley giveaway!

The Valkyrie's GuardianA big thank-you to everyone who stopped by last week to wish Moriah Densley a happy release day for The Valkyrie’s Guardian! And thank-you to Moriah for writing such a great post about the attraction of opposites.

The very lucky winner of a digital copy is…Ann S!

Congrats, Ann! Email me at romancingkatrina[at]gmail[dot]com and let me know which format you want your book in (Kindle, Nook, etc).

Everyone, this week you can help me celebrate signing with an agent. I’m giving away one of the books represented by my new agency, so leave a comment on my post “I have an agent” to enter!

Do opposites really attract? – Guest post & giveaway by Moriah Densley

Moriah DensleyMoriah Densley is an author I admire the dickens out of. Her debut novel – a historical romance with a very unusual hero – came out earlier this year, and this week her first paranormal romance is hitting the digital shelves, and she’s giving you a chance to win it.

You can read the interview I did with her earlier this year here, but today she’s introducing us to Jack and Cassie, the incredible hero and heroine of her latest novel, The Valkyrie’s Guardian. See below for giveaway details.

Take it away, Moriah!

I loved writing an “opposites attract” story. Tough jock gets geek girl. Jack MacGunn is a Scottish berserker warrior who works for the Navy SEALs when he’s not on bodyguard duty for Cassiopeia Noyon. Posh, bratty—a sexy librarian fantasy. Jack can’t decide if he wants to throttle her or kiss her.

Cassie can’t figure out why Jack’s been trying his bad pick-up lines on her: “Here, you take my lollipop, and I’ll improvise.” Flirting? Immortal, dazzling Jack is oh-so out of her league, isn’t he?

No wonder my hero and heroine spend most of the story mixing attraction with fighting. In the following excerpt, Jack is in trouble with Cassie, again. The night before, in a moment of honesty, Jack confessed his feelings and gave her a kiss that curled her hair. Not to mention her toes. When his boss—her grandfather—catches them, Jack promises he has no intention of pursuing Cassie.

How does she handle the rejection?
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Winner of the Susannah Sandlin giveaway!

RedemptionThank you so much to everyone who commented on Susannah Sandlin’s guest post, “Not Your Mama’s Alpha Male”. And a big thank-you to Susannah for the giveaway!

The very lucky winner of a smokin’ hot vampire (ahem, novel) is…Stephanie Burgis!

Congrats, Stephanie! I’m sending you an email.

Didn’t win? You can buy Redemption for Kindle on Amazon, or buy the paperback on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

This week you can win a $10 gift certificate for yourself AND a contemporary romance author who has a book coming out this month. Just head over to my Contemporaries to Covet in July post, and let us know which contemporary romance release you’re looking forward to.

Not Your Mama’s Alpha Male – guest post & giveaway by Susannah Sandlin

Susannah Sandlin is an author of paranormal romance set in the Deep South, where there are always things that go bump in the night! She’s also one of my critique partners, and I’m so excited to have her here today talking about the oh-so-good bad boy hero of her debut paranormal romance, Redemption. See below for giveaway details. Take it away, Susannah!

RedemptionWe love our bad boys. Romance books, from contemporary to paranormal, are full of alpha males being brought to their knees by finding the one woman who turns those knees (and hopefully nothing north of there) to jelly.

(Now, in real life, most of these dudes would either be some woman’s worst nightmare or a semi-permanent resident of a prison or anger-management class, but that’s another blog for another day.)

I wanted Aidan Murphy, the hero of my new paranormal romance Redemption, to be an alpha male. But it became clear as I wrote the book that next to his best friend Mirren, he was going to be a different kind of alpha.

Mirren snarls at people, where Aidan listens. Mirren’s nickname is The Slayer; Aidan is just, well, Aidan. Mirren doesn’t much like people; Aidan has decent social skills. Mirren acts; Aidan thinks first, then acts. (Sometimes he thinks too much.) Mirren’s hobby: taking machines apart and putting them back together. Aidan’s? He grows night-blooming exotic plants.

Aidan is a very good leader. So is Mirren—they just take different routes. (Oh, and did I mention they’re both 400-year-old master vampires from Ireland and Scotland, now living in a small town in Alabama?)

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Romance at a Slow Simmer: Writing a Series

Suzanne JohnsonThis is a guest post by Suzanne Johnson, my critique partner, friend, and author of the incredible Sentinel of New Orleans series.

Royal Street – the first in the series and Suzanne’s debut novel – came out last week to well-deserved rave reviews. She’s giving away a copy to a very lucky person who leaves a comment here.

I’d never read an urban fantasy novel before meeting Suzanne, but her books are so creative, funny and clever that she’s converted me! (Plus, the men in this series are smokin’ hot! Hands off, ladies – Alex Warin is mine.)

Take it away, Suzanne!

I was in a Houston bookstore for a signing last week, and the store owner had a confession: “I wasn’t sure where to shelve your book,” she told me. “The romance in it is light for paranormal romance, but it has too much romance to be pure urban fantasy.” Finally, she shelved half her copies in romance, and the other half in UF.

It didn’t come as a surprise. The slow-simmering romance you’d expect to be a staple of a series? Usually, it isn’t slow at all. I knew paranormal romance fans might read my recent release and cry foul for undeveloped relationships. I knew urban fantasy fans would grumble about it having too much romance. It’s hard to find a UF series these days where sex isn’t a given in book one, even if true love trails behind.

Royal Street
In Royal Street, the first book of my Sentinel of New Orleans series, my heroine DJ meets some potential suitors. (I should add here that Dj is a wizard.) First is Alex Warin, a big, macho, black-clad kind of monosyllabic guy who’s not nearly as tough as he pretends. There’s a strong attraction between DJ and Alex, but neither quite trusts the other, plus they have to work together, which raises ethical issues that the plot wouldn’t accommodate logically.

And there’s the undead early 19th-century pirate Jean Lafitte. What girl can resist a handsome, rakish pirate, alive or undead?

Then, there’s Jake Warin, Alex’s cousin. DJ likes him immediately—he seems sweet, he seems uncomplicated, he seems easy. Note I say “seems.”

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