Happy Valentine’s Day! Will your relationship keep you alive longer?

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The annual day of candy- and card-pushers is here. For many, it’s just another day. For some, it’s a time to feel the pressure of making a grand romantic gesture. For Stuart Heritage, a journalist who writes for the UK’s Guardian newspaper, it’s a day to examine whether your relationship will keep you alive longer – or lead you to an early grave.

Brits are so fun.

Stuart put together this infographic – A one-page guide to your romantic happiness (or doom) – to tell you whether your life is happier with your partner in it. Since Smarty Pants and I have a baby on the way, I’ve discovered that this baby means my life is statistically likely to last longer. Apparently childless couples die younger, but have great holidays in the meantime – so it’s not all bad.

So tell me, where do you end up on this infographic?

By Kat

Kat Latham writes sexy contemporary romance, including the London Legends rugby series. With degrees in English lit and human rights, she loves stories that reflect the depth, humor and emotion of real life. She's a California girl living in the Netherlands with her baby girl and British husband.


  1. Stuart is quite the snarky pessimist, isn’t he? But with all the pressure that this very commercial holiday seems to bring to relationships it is good to laugh!

  2. Too funny. I belong in the married without kids group, and we love to travel, so I’d have to agree with him on that comment. Plus, I just heard a report that people without children are actually happier than people with kids – only problem was that it didn’t specify whether that applied to younger kids, or adult children…..

  3. I have two sons who are grown and gone with children of their own. My husband and I celebrated our 43rd Anniversary on February 7th and throughout our marriage have agreed to disagree. We taught both our sons to love reading, to know they had to work for a living at a young age and to express their opinions. They were also taught how to be self-sufficient and take care of themselves so that the woman that the woman the married would be thrilled to learn they knew how to cook, clean, sew o buttons themselves and know how to be a good father sharing in child rearing and watching their children on an equal basis with their spouse. Needless to say our daughter-in-laws love us!

    My husband taught both of them that when they had children they would never babysit their children and instead they would step up and be a father caring for their children with love and understanding.

    Our motto has been and is to never go to bed angry!

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